Meet Samuel R. Tepper, PhD

Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Sam Tepper is a senior manager in Deloitte’s Sales Force Effectiveness practice where he leads sales force analytics efforts. He has over 15 years of experience in a variety of contexts, focusing on organizational, process and strategic alignment of people, process and technology in competitive environments with specific emphasis on sales and workforce transformation to drive bottom line growth and cut costs. Sam‘s duties also include business development, strategic partnerships, client management and innovative asset creation. He has won thought leadership awards and been granted a patent on sales force analytics processes that he spearheaded.

Sam has worked on the needs analysis, design and delivery of change initiatives centered around workforce transformations, human capital development, strategic negotiations and decision-making, CRM/SFA strategy, training, integration, team building, leadership and alignment across many industries and client situations.

Prior to joining Deloitte, Sam was the Global Lead for High Performance Sales Force Analytics at a major IT consulting firm, where he focused on developing and implementing business and organizational strategies, with specific emphasis on using data-driven approaches for talent management, along with strategic negotiations and decision-making.

Sam received his PhD in Communication Studies from Northwestern University where he received the distinguished teaching award for his current service as an adjunct lecturer.

Service offering

Sales Force Effectiveness