The Promise of Advanced Supply Chain Analytics


In the current business environment, the speed of business is outpacing the level of insight into the supply chain, regardless of industry. Accordingly, historical algorithms and supply chain management models based on past demand, supply and business cycles are inadequate in effectively managing the supply chain of today and/or deciding the critical issues that will decide success and failure tomorrow. It is imperative for companies to focus on modeling and predicting the future, enabling centralized insight coupled with decentralized action to gather and synthesize broader sets of internal and external information at a rapid pace.

In this article, published in Supply Chain Management Review, Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Jerry O’Dwyer, principal and Ryan Renner, senior manager, explain the viability of advanced supply chain analytics. They analyze case examples to explain what organizations are doing to tap its full potential. In addition, they discuss the technological foundation required to implement and derive the full optimum value from advanced supply chain analytics.

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