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  • Bill Briggs, CTO of Deloitte, on wearables in the enterprise
    GigaOM | July 12, 2014
    In this article Bill Briggs, director and CTO, Deloitte Consulting LLP offers his perspective on why wearables will take off in the enterprise and addresses the potential implications and concerns associated with the adoption of wearables in the enterprise.
  • IT power grab: Should you be a Machiavellian manager?
    Computerworld | May 20, 2014
    This article discusses the need for IT leaders to drive business strategy. Bill Briggs, director and CTO, Deloitte Consulting LLP, is quoted on the role of CIOs as catalyst and the need to lead disruption and innovation through technology.
  • Ten tech trends to enhance business and innovation
    Baseline | April 10, 2014
    Based on this year’s Tech Trends 2014 report, this article features Bill Briggs, director and CTO, Deloitte Consulting LLP, navigating the trends included in this year’s report and how they can impact business and innovation.
  • One is the loveliest number that a brand can do | March 25, 2014
    Deloitte Digital’s Steven Bailey explores the limitations of traditional market segmentation and targeting approaches, and offers ideas to leverage today’s tools and technologies to help effectively build client relationships.
  • Wearable tech: A good fit for your marketing strategy? | March 20, 2014
    Deloitte Consulting LLP principal and CTO Bill Briggs offers his perspective of the wearable device and application market today, and what may be required for the technology to gain mainstream adoption.
  • CIOs finally getting their moment in the spotlight
    Forbes | March 14, 2014
    This article positions 2014 as the year where CIOs have the opportunity to exert influence and power to help lead companies through the era of digital insight.
  • Wearable technology: Why we should look to businesses to show us the way
    Wired | February 26, 2014
    According to Bill Briggs, there is a chance for the enterprise to surpass the consumer and lead the charge for wearables. He says that for businesses, the potential of wearables is tremendous and the challenges are surmountable.
  • CIOs on the eve of disruption
    Forbes | February 21, 2014
    Extracted from the recently released Tech Trends 2014 report, this article highlights the issues that CIOs should be aware of in the coming year and whether the issues can be harnessed to inspire disruption.
  • The case against wearables, or why we won’t all look like the Borg this year
    Forbes | February 12, 2014
    Deloitte Consulting LLP director Bill Briggs discusses the hype around wearables and that it’s years ahead of the market, since unresolved questions remain about pricing, battery life, utility and privacy.
  • Disruptive Tech: Opportunity or threat?
    Information Management | February 11, 2014
    Bill Briggs offers his perspective on disruptive technologies — from wearable devices to cognitive analytics to crowdsourcing — and how they present opportunities to reimagine how work gets done, how businesses grow, and how markets and industries evolve.