Business Trends 2013

Adapt. Evolve. Transform.

Deloitte’s inaugural Business Trends report takes a closer look at eight emerging forces that are influencing how organizations’ think about their strategy. Each trend delivers new insights on some of the important issues facing businesses today. Trends were selected based on topics that consistently re-surfaced during conversations with business leaders over the past year and their potential to impact strategy over the next two years.

Our theme for these trends is Adapt. Evolve. Transform. – because each has the potential to upend long-held assumptions, energize strategic planning efforts and even fundamentally shift the business environment for individual companies or industries. If you’re looking for ideas to challenge your thinking and spur some big new ideas, look no further. 

"Business Trends 2013" are grouped into two categories.

"Get Closer" trends offer the potential to help organizations become more interconnected with customers, partners, and other stakeholders such as governments:

"Reach Further" trends find new opportunities, products, markets and leaders:

Take this opportunity to energize your strategic planning activities by exploring new ways of thinking about some of today's emerging business trends.