Emerging Market Entry and Evolution: CFO Options for Defining Growth Strategies

Successful revenue growth in emerging markets hinges on selecting the growth strategy and supporting business models most relevant to each market. How can CFOs drive decisions?

In this Driving Enterprise Value Dbriefs webcast, Emerging market entry and evolution: CFO options for defining growth strategies, held on October 19, 2011, David Martin, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, Nina Gross, Director, Forensic & Dispute Services, Deloitte FAS LLP and Chris Trump, Tax Principal, Deloitte Tax LLP discussed:

  • Recent emerging market growth trends, including how much growth is projected, from which countries, and with which business practices.
  • Approaches for formulating an emerging markets growth strategy.
  • Four distinct growth models that can shape the offerings and capabilities required for successful revenue growth.
  • Specific considerations for identifying and managing emerging market risks.

Watch the Dbriefs webcast replay to learn about four emerging market growth models CFOs can use, and explore distinguishing characteristics that can help you decide which model to apply.

The following polling questions were conducted during the Webcast: