Pharma’s New U.S. Commercial Model

Promoting the science not the swag


Pharma’s New U.S. Commercial ModelLast year, more than 90,000 pharma sales reps traversed the nation’s hospitals and doctors’ offices, wooing doctors and dishing out free samples. Despite their ubiquitous presence, a fair question must be asked: What would happen if they all went away?

We believe the answer is simple: Everyone would be better off.

In a scenario that could represent a future state of pharma, Deloitte presents a provocative scenario in which prescription drugs from multiple pharmaceutical companies would be detailed by independent representatives. The product messages would focus on outcomes and comparative effectiveness, devoid of the marketing spin.

Presented in the case for change are considerations that go into the underlying issue: pharma needs to become more customer-centric to all customers, not just prescribers.

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