Breaking up is hard to do

Five questions for every CIO whose company is divesting a business


In any large divestiture, some of the most challenging tasks fall to the chief information officer (CIO). CIOs can find themselves putting out fires in both the parent company and the divested business; being a profit center and operating on a shoe-string budget; having a long-term strategic vision and working at break-neck speed.

"Breaking up is hard to do" explores how to relieve pressures on the CIO during a divestiture. This Deloitte Consulting LLP point of view (POV) focuses on two main lessons: first, that the CIO’s office should be included on the deal team and second, that the CIO should ask five questions before a divestiture, including:

  • Will the divestiture change the nature of the business and, therefore, the purpose of IT?
  • Should we move the divested business, as fast as possible, from limited to complete separation?
  • Where can we cut costs?
  • How can we effectively manage the timetables and risks of the divestiture process?
  • What are ways to retain key talent for the future?

To learn more about tactical tips for CIOs during a divestiture, download the POV below.