Cloud Computing: Impacting IT and the Bottom Line

Deloitte Insights podcast

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The hype curve for cloud computing is at an all-time high, for pretty good reasons. The convergence of Internet technologies, virtualization and large scale data centers has created a powerful new way to deliver information technology (IT) services, with many companies already putting clouds to work.

Because cloud computing can have such a profound impact on a company’s IT model — not to mention its business model technology and business leaders need to have a framework for discussing cloud and understand the broader impact cloud computing could have on their organizations. It’s not just about the challenge of determining the right cloud vendors and implementation strategies. It’s also about data management policies, security, risk, compliance and even tax strategies, and these are only a handful of the areas that can be significantly impacted by cloud adoption.

In our latest episode of Deloitte Insights, Mark White, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, discusses the potential disruptions and opportunities cloud computing presents.