Board Governance Benchmarking

We help board members strike the right balance between effectiveness and efficiency


Today’s corporate board member is faced with many challenges:

  • Expanding responsibilities
  • Increasing demands
  • Challenging and complex regulatory requirements
  • Time constraints
  • Increased expectations from shareholder and governance activists, fellow board members and the media

How can board members meet these demands and still create shareholder value? By turning compliance into a value-driven process that improves oversight performance. To maintain trust and enhance the performance of the organizations they oversee, it is critical that board members regularly evaluate their processes and engage in continuing education programs.

Our board governance benchmarking services are highly specialized and uniquely designed to the needs of an individual board and/or its committees.   We will identify instances where policies considered within the scope of the benchmarking project vary from those recommended by governance organizations or implemented by peers. Our findings generally are summarized in the following areas:

  • Board competencies and composition
  • Practices, processes and policies
  • Information and communication

This framework has been developed over time based on our experiences with other boards and provides a context for the development of practical and actionable recommendations.

A process evaluation should uncover opportunities to improve effectiveness and identify efficiencies; it should not be a “check the box” exercise. Please click the link below to view our Board Advisory Services brochure for additional information on our board governance benchmarking projects.

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