Promise and Peril: Optimizing the Supply Chain in India


Promise and Peril 

Designing an optimal supply chain that can meet a company’s expected growth rates is a challenging task for any organization. Add the challenge of accomplishing this in India and the task becomes more complex. As a result of India’s complex tax regulations, non-standardized transportation, uncertainties across the value chain, and low rate of technology adoption, traditional methods of supply chain design and management do not always apply. Nevertheless, some companies have embraced these complexities and designed their supply chains in India to efficiently move products from sourcing through fulfillment. As a result, they are reaping the rewards of the market size and growth potential that India offers.

In a new report, “Optimizing the supply chain in India: Promise and Peril,” Deloitte discusses the supply chain challenges faced by companies attempting to serve customers in India and outline some key considerations for designing a supply chain network. Overall, the article explores how an efficient India supply chain design will help better position companies in what is becoming an increasingly competitive marketplace.