Automotive M&A

Getting ready for the next wave


The Automotive industry continues to receive considerable attention for its tumultuous ride through the recent economic downturn. Starting with the significant volume fall offs in late 2008 and early 2009, through a wave of bankruptcy filings and restructuring and culminating with the IPO of General Motors in November 2010, the last two years have been nothing less than incredible. 

Globally, there seems to be a renewed interest in the industry and a positive outlook for the future. M&A is poised to be an important tool to spur growth and solidify positions throughout the automotive supply chain. In a recent study, Deloitte analyzed the last ten years of global automotive M&A activity, a period of both highs and lows, with the objective of understanding the past trends and identifying future ones. Of particular interest in the findings was the role that cross-border acquisitions have and are expected to continue to play in changing the Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) and supplier landscape.

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