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Video podcast

Adapting to the new normal: Talent strategies for the next decade and beyond
In this video episode, we discuss the talent paradox and provide insights based on the findings of Deloitte’s global survey, Talent Edge 2020: Blueprints for the New Normal.

Latest episodes

Talent, what’s next? Moving beyond the recession as a retention strategy
The new Deloitte insights podcast discusses employees attitudes around the world and provides insights based on the findings from the report Talent Edge 2020: Building recovery together.
The corporate lattice: Achieving high performance in the changing world of work
Cathy Benko, co-author of The corporate latticeTM and vice chairman and chief talent officer of Deloitte LLP, discusses how sweeping workplace changes have undermined the century-old corporate ladder model and why companies who have adopted a corporate lattice approach are more adaptable, competitive and profitable than their ladder counterparts.
Smarter moves for talent mobility—Global mobility, what’s next?
The global podcast explores the respective roles that operation, technology administration, and compliance play in global mobility. It also includes insights on how businesses can prepare for changes brought on by global mobility in the next six months and beyond.
It’s 2010: Where is your retention strategy?
This global podcast will look at effective talent considerations for business in the changing environment, as well as new approaches to attracting, developing, and retaining talent for the long term.
The pink slip dilemma: Talent management in a down economy
This global podcast looks at strategies for managing talent in the changing economic climate from employee retention and transition to sustaining corporate culture.