Meet Jeff Schwartz

Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Jeff Schwartz is a principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP's Human Capital practice. He is the practice leader for the Human Capital practice in US India and a senior advisor to our Human Capital practices in India and China. Jeff is also the global leader of Deloitte’s human capital marketing, eminence, and brand.

Jeff has led a broad range of projects with senior executives at global companies and organizations on work force and talent strategies, strategic change, organization strategies, technology and regulatory adoption, and learning and development. Jeff has worked in and traveled to more than 70 countries around the world and has lived in Belgium, Kenya, Nepal, Russia and Sri Lanka. 

Jeff began his career as an investment banker in New York. He was a United States Peace Corps volunteer in Nepal and one of the first associate directors of the Peace Corps in Russia. Jeff has an undergraduate degree from Cornell University, a master in business administration degree from Yale University and a master of public affairs degree from the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University. He is a frequent speaker and writer on people issues, talent, human resources and business challenges.

Latest Media Coverage

5 Emerging trends in developing finance talent
Business Finance Magazine | May 14, 2013

Insights from Jeff Schwartz on new strategies for developing leaders that are specific to their business.

The next agenda: The war to develop talent
Business Finance Magazine | March 11, 2013
Jeff Schwartz on opportunities available for business leaders in addressing today's global talent challenges.

Global mobility in the workforce
Business Finance Magazine | January 24, 2013
Jeff Schwartz shares his insights on the current and future state requirements of global mobility.

Talent challenge 2012: Providing meaningful work and careers for your employees 
Business Finance Magazine | November 2, 2012

In his latest Business Finance column Jeff Schwartz discusses the findings from the September 2012 Talent 2020: Surveying the talent paradox from the employee perspective report, the most recent survey in Deloitte's longitudinal Managing Talent in a Turbulent Economy series.

Older workers can reap new rewards by climbing the corporate…lattice?
Aging Today | October 28, 2012
This article by Jeff Schwartz discusses the Corporate LatticeTM model, its benefits and the key points companies need to keep in mind when implementing this approach. It further discusses how this approach can impact the aging workforce.

CFOs as change agents: A conversation with Deloitte's Ajit Kambil
Business Finance Magazine | August 17, 2012
Increasingly, many CFOs are partnering with their CEOs to drive larger transformations across the enterprise. To gain insight into this emerging trend, Jeff Shwartz spoke with Ajit Kambil, global research director of the CFO program for Deloitte LLP.

Deloitte ponders future talent in the human cloud | August 15, 2012
Jeff Schwartz talks about the ON Talent event, an invitation-only discussion hosted by Deloitte University where speakers included leaders in the areas of human resources. He discusses about what happened at the event, and what the future plans are for Deloitte University.

Realizing the potential of global mobility
Business Finance Magazine | June 13, 2012
In his latest article in Business Finance Magazine, Jeff Schwartz discusses the results from Deloitte's recent "Strategic Moves: A new direction for global mobility" survey. He also discusses why CFOs need to focus on global mobility as a strategic priority.

Growth and efficiency: The dual agenda for taking care of business
BusinessFinance Magazine | April 9, 2012
New article by Jeff Schwartz discusses the findings from the latest Human Capital trends 2012 report which outlines the key human capital and talent priorities in 2012.

Is 2012 the year talent is on the move?
BusinessFinance Magazine | March 9, 2012
New article by Jeff Schwartz in the monthly column for BusinessFinance Magazine discusses the strategies that companies can implement to retain their most valued employees.

The 2012 agenda for talent: Focus on global growth, invest in leadership
BusinessFinance Magazine | January 30, 2012
This new article by Jeff Schwartz discusses the results from the new Talent Edge 2020 report while addressing how companies can recruit global talent more efficiently.

CFOs' talent year in review: A roller coaster ride
BusinessFinance Magazine | December 13, 2011
Jeff Schwartz discusses results from the  CFO Signals survey series in this article on talent management related challenges faced by the CFOs.

How to confront the talent crisis in manufacturing
BusinessFinance Magazine | November 9, 2011
Jeff Schwartz discusses the Talent management related issues faced by the Manufacturing industry and the results from the new survey conducted by Deloitte with the National Manufacturing Institute on the same topic.

Business Analytics: Managing the finance workforce and beyond
BusinessFinance Magazine | October 6, 2011
Jeff Schwartz discusses the role of analytics to better manage the finance workforce, and the role finance leaders can play in building analytics capabilities and an analytics-driven culture companywide.

Talent drain on the brain
BusinessFinance Magazine | September 19, 2011
Jeff Schwartz discusses findings from the "Talent Edge 2020: Building the recovery together" report in this article on post-recession retention strategies.

Global and growth markets: The people agenda for finance leaders
Business Finance | August 25, 2011
In this byline article, Jeff Schwartz, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, examines the challenges finance leaders face and specific actions they should take to prepare leaders and talent to be effective in global and growth markets.

How to Grow Your Next Generation Finance Leaders
BusinessFinance Magazine | May 31, 2011
Jeff Schwartz discusses the results from the recent survey, "Talent Edge 2020" and discusses the important steps to developing a program for growing finance leaders.

Talent Challenge 2011: Moving Beyond Recession as Retention Strategy
BusinessFinance Magazine | July 6, 2011
Jeff Schwartz discusses the results form the recent survey, "Talent Edge 2020: Building the recovery together" in his new article as a monthly contributor.

The Shift from the Corporate Ladder to Lattice
BusinessFinance Magazine | April 25, 2011
Jeff Schwartz talks about the lattice corporate model as introduced in the book The Corporate Lattice: Achieving High Performance in the Changing World of World,authored by Deloitte’s Cathy Benko and Molly Anderson.

Talent Management for the 'New Normal'
BusinessFinance Magazine | March 30, 2011
Jeff cites the results from the recent survey, "Talent Edge 2020" while discussing the need to refresh an organization's talent and retention strategies. The article is the first in the series of Jeff's articles as a monthly contributor.

Q&A: Deloitte's Jeff Schwartz on the Finance Talent Crunch
BusinessFinance Magazine | March 24, 2011
Jeff shares the findings from the recent Deloitte survey, "Talent Edge 2020". The article officially announces Jeff joining BusinessFinance Magazine as a regular monthly contributor, where he will be sharing his perspective on executive talent development, where the next generation of finance leaders will come from and some of the best practices organizations are applying in addressing these issues.

Deloitte Survey: Talent Shortage Looming
Consulting | December 9, 2010
Jeff explains why it is necessary for companies to have their business and talent strategies move over from survival mode to success mode post recession. Learn more by reading the results of Deloitte’s survey, “Talent Edge 2020.”

Unexpected Global Skill Shortages Threaten Corporate Growth and Innovation | December 9, 2010
Jeff comments on how companies are struggling to find the right skill sets to fill critical jobs, while worrying about their ability to keep the talented workers they have. Learn more by reading the results of Deloitte’s survey, “Talent Edge 2020.”

Talent at Risk
Information Week | October 02, 2010
Jeff is quoted in this article on why companies should review their hiring and retention strategy.

Global Workforces for Global Talent Markets | August 30, 2010
Jeff and Michael Gretczko, senior manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP, co-authored an article on how the adoption of globally integrated HR service delivery models and technology will enable the deployment of global talent more strategically, helping a company make smarter moves.

How IT will Change When Gen Y Runs the Show
Reuters | August 23, 2010
Jeff is quoted on how companies need to focus on individual needs for successfully recruiting the best young workforce.

Top Performers Begin Their Flight
Human Resource Executive | August 10, 2010
Jeff is quoted in this article on the retention strategies that should be put in place by HR leaders for companies to be ready in the upcoming expected recovery.