Counting on Finance: A CFO’s Guide to Doing Deals

Counting on Finance: A CFO’s Guide to Doing DealsThe current credit crisis may have put a squeeze on some deal-making dreams, but for strategic buyers with strong balance sheets and the wherewithal to withstand the pressures of a major transaction, we believe this is a time of excellent opportunities. Merger, acquisition, divestiture, and spin-off activities remain solid business strategies that can offer significant possibilities for value capture when managed well.

Merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions present unique opportunities and potential pitfalls for you — the senior finance leader. Value envisioned when the deal was conceived and value captured at the end are obvious areas for finance involvement. More than ever, the chief financial officer (CFO) is in a position to guide the company through the deal, with the most successful leaders filling four critical roles — what we call the “ Four faces of the CFO.”

Below you’ll find practical advice and insights to help you guide your company toward capturing the full value of the deal based on these roles.

Catalyst, operator, strategist and steward insights


Articles on stimulating behaviors across the organization to achieve strategic and financial objectives.

  • Synergy hunt provides practical strategies for helping your company stay on track to meet synergy goals.
  • Guiding investors to value presents surprising findings and ideas for communicating with the investment community, based on a study of nearly 60 large M&A transactions.


Articles on balancing capabilities, costs and service levels to fulfill the finance organization’s responsibilities.



Provides financial leadership in determining strategic business direction and align financial strategies.


Protects and preserves the assets of the organization.