Incorporating Dissimilar Business Models in Technology Industry M&A Transactions

Coloring outside the lines


The U.S. technology industry is characterized by a continual reconfiguration of the ecosystem and everyone’s place in it. Currently, a number of forces are blurring the lines that have traditionally framed market boundaries; among these are significant consolidation in sectors such as semi conductors and hardware; the rapid convergence of technology, media and telecommunications; and a growing interdependency between technology and retail. 

This new article provides insight into maneuvering these blurred market boundaries, discussing: 

  • Tech industry M&A: Rebounding from recession 
  • Strategy: The opportunity next door 
  • Target screening and due diligence: You don’t know what you don’t know 
  • Transaction execution: Start with the end goal 
  • Technology industry M&A tax issues

Read more to find out how strategy, target screening, due diligence and transaction execution can be used effectively to keep on top of the ever-changing landscape in the technology industry M&A transactions.