Preparing for the Business Risks Associated with a Pandemic

Are you ready?

The swine flu - or H1N1 virus - is the latest pandemic threat facing companies today. Any number of threats, whether man-made or natural disasters, pose a potential disruption to your business. The question is: Are you ready?

Responding to the threat of a pandemic is not something effectively done in isolation. Rather, it should be viewed in a larger assessment of potential business impacts and alongside the development of appropriate risk management plans. Companies that take steps to improve their shock resilience before an event takes place clearly have an easier and faster recovery and also a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Additional Insights:
A pandemic has ramifications throughout the enterprise - from your risk management program, to your people strategy, to your supply chain. Below are a few areas to consider when thinking about taking control of a business disruption:

Governance, Risk and Compliance : Learn how to effectively manage business risks.

Business Continuity Management : Minimize business interruptions and provide continuity of services at an acceptable level.

Supply Chain and Operations : The potential impact of a business disruption extends well past your own walls. Learn about supply chain strategies.

Human Capital Resources : Explore the benefits of integrating people issues into your overall business strategy.

Center for Health Solutions : Explore research and perspectives on some of our nation’s most pressing health care and public health related challenges.

Security and Privacy : Achieve a robust security strategy.


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