Green IT: The Fast-track to Enterprise Sustainability



Now is the time for companies to “go green.” Willingly, or “kicking and screaming,” they will go green. Shareholders demand it. Customers demand it. Employees demand it.

Going green is gaining momentum. It can help companies realize enhanced profitability, lower operational and financial risk, improve work force productivity, enhance public image and provide increased ability to attract and retain skilled workers. Green has also created rapidly growing new markets for sustainable products and services and is leading the way to  competitive advantage.  Companies that move quickly have an opportunity to realize the benefits of going green before market conditions and regulations increase the costs associated with environmentally sustainable practices.

A company’s chief information officer (CIO) must be involved if the company is going to be effective at going green. Not only can the CIO and the information technology (IT) group help drive IT, but they can push toward a new type of competitive advantage. The “greening of IT” provides the prospect of gaining virtually immediate return on investment through reduced energy costs and improved work force morale and productivity, as well as enhancing the company’s reputation in the marketplace and satisfying anticipated regulatory requirements around energy use and global greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, savvy CIOs can demonstrate their vision and capabilities beyond the traditional role of IT to drive their companies onto the enterprise sustainability fast-track. 

Learn more about this hot topic and how leading companies are implementing “Green IT” into their IT function in the attached point of view.