Pricing that unlocks smart value creation


Of all the levers that can help drive profitable growth, pricing may be the most direct. Today’s pricing leaders drive value through specificity, granularity, and a bias for action. But achieving that leadership is easier said than done. When companies don’t manage pricing, they can lose value—and can’t even be certain how much or where from.

The intersection of analytics and real-world experience
Many organizations find they spend more time accumulating data than they do analyzing it or putting it to use. Polaris can connect the dots in real time, so pricing decisions don’t make sense only on paper—they actually make a difference. Every implementation of Polaris is built specifically for the user’s own industry sector, so there’s no need to translate the models, workflows, or views from a generic standard into a usable form. Moreover, Polaris is preconfigured for users at multiple levels of the organization. Executives and managers have specific dashboards customized to the decisions they make every day. Across the business, users can use Polaris to keep their individual pricing actions aligned with each other and with a coherent company-wide strategy.

Bottom-line benefits:
Polaris distills the knowledge Deloitte has gained through years of experience and hundreds of real-world projects. The result is more agile, effective decision-making that helps drive smarter pricing and profitability at many levels—without the need to build new analytics capabilities from scratch. After a startup period, companies can choose to keep using Polaris on an online-subscription basis, to host it internally with ongoing Deloitte support, or to take it in-house and have Deloitte train their people to run the system.

  • Specificity
  • Granularity
  • Bias for Action

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