Mobile Analytics

A guide to getting started


Today’s executives are demanding the ability to perform meaningful analytics activities from their mobile devices.  Their reasoning?  It is along the lines of “If I can play fantasy football and analyze and make stock market trades from my smartphone or tablet, I should be able to run my analytics tools too.”  With the increase in performance and capacity of smart devices, and with the new breed of analytics software that has hit the market in the last five years, it has become easier to adapt even the most sophisticated analytics applications to run on mobile platforms.

However, with the vendor environment changing quickly, and with our human tendency to be blinded by tools and applications that have that “cool factor,” how do companies select the right mobile analytics (MA) capabilities?  Successful adoption of MA technologies must be predicated upon how well those technologies fit the business and how well they are integrated to the enterprise information infrastructure.  Even though a cliché, all that glitters may not be gold.

It’s not a question of “if” your company should adopt MA, but “when.”  In this article the authors present the challenges and opportunities organizations may face when developing a strategy for MA adoption – including functionality considerations and critical success factors that could be the differentiator between the success and failure of your MA initiative.