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How can your business turn big data into better business outcomes? What important trends are analytics practitioners keeping an eye on? What must-have information from the world of analytics will help you move your organization forward?

We’ve culled Deloitte’s latest analytics thinking to bring you the insights that matter most.

Featured Insights

Tax Analytics – From the inside out – The (not so artistic) state of the art
Although tax was a numerically-focused field from the beginning, many tax management departments within companies have been slow to adopt analytics. Those firms that have begun to adopt analytical approaches have discovered benefits, but specific issues and prerequisites have to be addressed before tax analytics can be widespread.

Four steps to a data business  
You should already be embarking on four key steps to get to a viable position in the data economy.
Technology’s aim: Better, longer life
The fountain of youth, it turns out, exists not in some distant, exotic land but right here in that vast repository of information known as big data.
Two dogmas of big data: Understanding the power of analytics for predicting human behavior
The vogue for big data obscures the fact that the economic value of analytics projects often has as much to do with the psychology of de-biasing decisions and the sociology of corporate culture change as with the volumes and varieties of data involved.
Ten types of analytical innovation
Ten types of innovation can be driven, supported, or measured with analytics. If you’re not using analytics for all ten types, you may not be optimizing your analytical capabilities.
Inside sports analytics
10 lessons business leaders can learn from sports analytics.
More growth options up front: Big data enables a new opening step in the growth decision-making process
In the past, growth decisions were limited mostly to the ideas that executives could envision on their own. Today, with big data, executives can consider growth options that they might otherwise not even have imagined.
Corner office analytics
Business analytics used to be the domain of a few select teams buried deep in the business. Today, it lands on the agendas of most CXOs. In our Corner Office Analytics series, we’re focusing on the analytics needs of these senior leaders—and how they intersect with one another.