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  Charles Street Church
David S. Williams, CEO of Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP, was appointed Examiner in the Charles Street African Methodist Episcopal Church of Boston (“Charles Street AME”) bankruptcy case; the debtor filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in United States Bankruptcy Court, District of Massachusetts, Eastern Division. The Charles Street AME has been an important institution in the City of Boston, continuously meeting and providing ministry and community services since 1818. In his Examiner role, David Williams is focusing on several areas of importance to the case and meeting with the various constituent parties. Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP, represented by professionals from Deloitte CRG, is retained as the financial advisor to the Examiner.
  Publishing company
Deloitte CRG was retained by a Texas based family publishing company to undertake an operational and financial analysis as a result of a significant downturn in revenue. The assessment identified a number of areas for immediate cost reduction opportunities including; outsourcing distribution, rescheduling of labor in the press hall and pre-press operations, and a restructuring of the sales organization. As a result of the assessment, Deloitte CRG has further been retained to provide project management support for the restructuring and to implement cost reduction opportunities as well as develop a sales force effectiveness program. .
  Home building company
A home building and land development company retained Deloitte CRG to provide senior leadership to assist them with certain liabilities that the company faced after selling its operating assets. In connection with the sale, all of the company’s officers resigned to move with the operating assets. The company did retain key employees knowledgeable about the liability issues and asked Deloitte CRG to serve as a responsible officer and to oversee the winddown process.
  Chemical manufacturer
A $100 million specialty chemical manufacturer engaged Deloitte CRG to help exit a non-core segment of its product line and reposition the balance of the business for potential sale or operational restructuring.


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Agriculture / Food Processing


Food processing company
Deloitte CRG was hired as CRO for a $150 million protein processing company, servicing the consumer and food service marketplaces. The focus is on improving EBITDA and reducing inventory. Deloitte CRG is monitoring cash by utilizing a 13-week cash flow model developed for the company, improving productivity in operations, assisting with restructuring the balance sheet and improving performance through a SKU/customer rationalization process.
Grain cooperative
Deloitte CRG was engaged by a very large grain cooperative that has recently experienced significant losses to evaluate and offer a report on the internal financial controls.
Protein processor
Deloitte CRG assessed the current liquidity of a protein processing company, evaluated the risks in their fiscal year budget and assessed their plant operations to identify performance improvement opportunities. The client was recently acquired and now faces a liquidity crisis as its cash flow has dropped below its fixed charges. Deloitte CRG completed this assessment in three weeks and briefed all constituents in the capital structure on the results. The client has asked Deloitte CRG to provide assistance with implementation, cash management and operations management.
Greenhouse grower
Deloitte CRG currently serves as the financial advisor to the secured lenders for one of the country's largest greenhouse growers. The company, in the midst of a severe liquidity crisis after expanding its operations, suffered from poor weather conditions in the peak buying season and overdrew its line of credit. Deloitte CRG evaluated the company's cash flow and operations to ensure ongoing financing and a restructured business plan.
Food processing and packaging company
After experiencing a shortfall in liquidity, a $150 million food processing and packaging company engaged Deloitte CRG to serve as financial advisor and assist in cash flow management and evaluating strategic alternatives.
Cottonseed oil processing company
Deloitte CRG was retained by a large cottonseed oil processing company to assess the business plan and projections, review the opportunities for cost reductions and asset sales, establish a financial sensitivity model, assess the risk management (hedging) practices and offer recommendations for improvement.

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Consumer Products


Consumer product manufacturer
A $60 million global manufacturer of consumer products hired Deloitte CRG to analyze their physical inventory processes, as well as to identify improvement opportunities. The inventory spanned the globe and Deloitte CRG evaluated inventory issues with a global impact due to the various international locations involved.
Consumer and commercial merchandiser
Deloitte CRG was hired as interim CEO and COO for a $200+ million consumer and commercial products merchandiser. The company is strongly positioned in the market, but was plagued by ineffective executive leadership, unrealistic strategic and operational plans and waning customer fulfillment confidence. Over the past three months, Deloitte CRG reorganized the executive leadership team, reset operational priorities and initiated a simpler, achievable path-forward that better serves the customer and greatly reduces organizational risk. Deloitte CRG has implemented improved order fulfillment processes, as well as operational metrics and management processes.
Global consumer products company
After performing an operations assessment, a global leader in the manufacturing of consumer products for the hotel industry further retained Deloitte CRG to reduce logistics costs and improve manufacturing productivity. Since commencing the engagement, logistics costs have been reduced over 13%. Manufacturing productivity is being improved through the implementation of lean and six sigma manufacturing methods such as setup reduction, total productive maintenance and kaizen. Following the design and implementation of an operations management process focusing on the improvement efforts utilizing operations metrics and project management tools, Rick Thompson of Deloitte CRG has been appointed interim Vice President of Operations.

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Energy (Oil & Gas / Power & Utilities)


Oil field services
Deloitte CRG was engaged to perform an assessment of a mid-sized oil field services company. The company is evaluating alternatives to improve its liquidity profile and financial performance.
Oilfield services company
Deloitte CRG currently serves as financial advisor to a debtor in a liquidity crisis. The company grew rapidly by using short-term capital for long-term projects. This negatively impacted their working capital and resulted in a severe over-advance position on their revolving line of credit. The company's sales remain strong and Deloitte CRG is leading various restructuring efforts on the ground. Deloitte CRG has negotiated a forbearance agreement with the bank and is leading a process to restructure the company's balance sheet with the appropriate tranches of capital.

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Health Care / Life Sciences


Health care company
Deloitte CRG currently serves as the financial advisor to the master bond trustee and certain institutional bondholders related to this multi-site health care company. In addition to the bonds, the company debt structure includes additional tranches of bank and other debt. Deloitte CRG has advised its clients in matters related but not limited to operational and financial due diligence, DIP sizing, liquidity analysis, development of restructuring options, and debt capacity.
300-bed community hospital
Deloitte CRG was retained to provide CRO services to a 300-bed non-profit community hospital located in the southeast. The small, targeted CRO team is focusing on operational performance improvement, creditor negotiation, affiliation/partnering efforts, litigation settlement, and contingency planning.
Critical access hospital
Deloitte CRG currently serves as the restructuring advisor to a not-for-profit critical access hospital in the Midwest. The hospital is exploring the strategic options available to address its multi-year decline in performance and liquidity. Deloitte CRG professionals are assisting management with evaluating operational performance improvement opportunities and are also playing a key role in interacting with the hospital's stakeholders.

Medical action industries
A $450 million leading manufacturer & distributor of disposable medical products retained Deloitte CRG to undertake an operational assessment. Three key areas were identified for improvement:

  1. Sourcing & Procurement
  2. Sales Force Effectiveness
  3. Margin Management for both products and customers

As a result of the impact of Deloitte's and the company's work, MAI announced record quarterly gross profit results for the 3rd quarter of FY 2013.

Large faith-based health care system
Deloitte CRG, as part of an engagement led by Deloitte Consulting, is currently assisting a large multi-site health system in developing and implementing an operational and financial performance improvement plan. The system, formed by a merger of two hospital networks, has experienced steadily increasing costs and declining revenue over the past year. The multi-disciplinary Deloitte team has been tasked with identifying and assisting management in realizing significant cost savings across the system, with Deloitte CRG leading the turnaround of the system's diverse post-acute businesses (e.g., nursing homes, assisted living facilities, home health agencies, hospice, etc.).
Skilled nursing facilities
Deloitte CRG was hired as CRO for a group of skilled nursing facilities in Texas. Deloitte CRG is implementing a financial restructuring of the companies through a proposed sale or transfer of substantially all of the companies' assets to ensure continued operations and minimal disruption to the facilities' patients.

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Media & Entertainment


Entertainment product distributor
Deloitte CRG has been retained to assist management in validating the company's business and to analyze the strategic alternatives for this licensor and distributor of syndicated owned and licensed entertainment products.
Production and media company
Deloitte CRG was appointed Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) for a post-production and electronic media distribution company.
National media company
Deloitte CRG was retained by a national media company to evaluate the editorial process for one of its portfolio newspapers. Deloitte CRG analyzed the newspaper’s editorial workflow as well as benchmarked staff productivity and output. Deloitte CRG identified specific areas with substantial improvement potential and advised management on where best to increase productivity and utilize excess capacity.
Movie studio
Deloitte CRG was retained to serve as director of operations and to develop and implement an operational restructuring of the business, as well as to assist with the sale of the business.
Media company
The owner of 90+ community newspaper titles and associated websites has retained Deloitte CRG to assist them in developing existing and new revenue streams through a Sales Force Effectiveness program that is focused on developing increased sales capacity from the existing resources.
The Kimmel Center
The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts in Philadelphia engaged Deloitte CRG to assist with the development of an analysis of its short-term rental venues. This venue management analysis will be used to identify trends and value impacts to determine potential opportunities for the Kimmel Center to improve utilization, revenue and contribution margin. This information will be used to develop a marketing strategy to potentially increase its third-party rental income to offset negative revenue pressures from the renegotiation of the Philadelphia Orchestra lease during the organization's bankruptcy.
Multimedia manufacturer
Deloitte CRG was retained as CRO to monetize working capital, preserve liquidity, maintain supplier and customer relationships and provide leadership to the organization while the sponsor conducted an expedited sale process for the company.
Metropolitan newspaper group
A privately held group retained Deloitte CRG to undertake the operational and financial due diligence for the purchase of a major metropolitan newspaper and associated digital assets. Although our clients entered the bidding process late and had to work within a very short timeframe, they were the successful bidders in a very competitive auction process.

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Process & Industrial Products


Building products manufacturer
Deloitte CRG was retained by a $150 million building products manufacturer for a performance improvement assessment and implementation. Deloitte CRG is leading the design and build-out of a new centralized facility, as well as the consolidation of multiple manufacturing plants and distribution centers into the new facility. Deloitte CRG was also retained as interim COO. The project will take approximately one year to complete, and aims to drive transformative EBITDA improvement and enterprise value.
Vehicle Manufacturer
Deloitte CRG was recently hired to assess the strategic alternatives of a private equity owned specialty vehicle manufacturing company in the defense industry. Following several weeks of analysis and an extensive market test, the Deloitte CRG team recommended the board of directors pursue a wind down of the company through an assignment for the benefit of creditors (“ABC”) process. The ABC process was recommended as the least costly and most productive for the greatest number of stakeholders. The assignment was effectuated in April and the company will be winding down over the next six months.
Multinational company
Deloitte CRG was retained by a very large multi-national company to conduct a preliminary assessment on certain overhead costs to identify areas of potential cost savings. Utilizing colleagues in Latin America, Deloitte CRG reviewed specific operating costs across six different countries and eight functional areas to identify the highest, potential opportunity areas for cost savings. Additionally, Deloitte CRG has discussed the benefits of the company participating in Deloitte's Benchmarking services. Deloitte CRG continues to assist the company in identifying ways to facilitate the achievement of their goals.
Interior products company
Deloitte CRG currently serves as interim chief operating officer and advisor for a $150 million interior products company to help drive operational improvements and growth opportunities.
Specialty manufacturer
Facing rising margin pressure, a leading designer and manufacturer of fixtures for retailers retained Deloitte CRG to help it better manage its working capital and transfer the majority of production from its California location to a Chinese supplier.
Recycled paper manufacturer
Deloitte CRG was retained by a recycled paper manufacturer to assess operational improvement opportunities. The company, experiencing sales growth and production constraints, needed a rapid assessment to help them identify and prioritize productivity and inventory improvements. Deloitte CRG identified and quantified improvement initiatives to enable the company to meet the demands of its growing customer base.
EZE trucking/rig runners
Deloitte CRG has been engaged as a financial advisor for Rig Runners, a heavy haul trucking operation that was recently acquired by private equity backed EZE Trucking. Deloitte CRG's work includes analyzing and advising on integration issues, improving/implementing financial accounting procedures, financial forecasting and acquisition analysis.
Interior space designer
An interior space design company facing sales declines, severe liquidity crisis and unpaid sales tax obligation hired Deloitte CRG to develop a plan to deal with the changes in the business. Deloitte CRG helped management asses its business, whereby it was concluded that sales had declined so precipitously that they could not continue to operate in the NY, Baltimore and DC offices and that their business model was not viable. Deloitte CRG further advised that they should generate cash through collections of receivables, complete near-term contracts so as to maximize cash generation, release employees, close offices, enter into settlements to get rid of lease liabilities, pay down its sales tax obligations and evaluate the best option to wind down the operations. Both the company management and the lawyers were very pleased with the prompt results of our work.
Benada aluminum products LLC
Deloitte CRG was retained by the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors to advise them on the proposed restructuring plan. Deloitte CRG analyzed the financial projections, the debt capacity and liquidity. The unsecured creditors are projected to receive a 100% distribution.
Specialty chemical company
A Private Equity client hired Deloitte CRG to assist with one of its portfolio companies engaged in the manufacturing of specialty coatings. Deloitte CRG was hired to review working capital procedures and assist in updating the client's material costing procedures. The Deloitte team developed proposed changes for management.
Equipment manufacturer
Deloitte CRG was engaged by a large, multi-national manufacturer of mining equipment to assess the operations of a recently acquired company in China. The Deloitte CRG team will develop a 13-week cash forecast along with an action plan focused on cash flow and operational improvements required for the Chinese manufacturing business to address the cash shortfall. This initial four week assessment involves client staff from the sales, product management, operations and finance organizations within the multi-national parent corporation.
Plastic bottle manufacturer
One of the world's leading suppliers of PET plastic containers hired Deloitte CRG to review the impact of a large customer loss on their 2013 forecasted performance and associated liquidity. The analysis involved overhead, logistics and plant rationalization.
Colt Manufacturing
The manufacturer of the infamous Colt 45, has engaged Deloitte CRG to analyze the possible inventory reduction of raw material with the implementation of a raw material pull system in Colt's current ERP system. Deloitte CRG advised the Colt team on how to size the required inventory to meet demand for rifle production. The reduction potential is substantial and a conceptual design and implementation plan was developed by the Colt management team.

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Retail & Distribution


ALCO Stores, Inc.
Deloitte CRG was retained as financial advisor to ALCO Stores, Inc., a public $400 million retail chain business headquartered in Dallas, TX. Subsequently, ALCO retained a Deloitte CRG professional as Interim CFO after their current CFO resigned.
Restaurant chain
Confronting rapidly declining same-store sales and a lack of interest after a month- long effort to sell the company, a 50-unit casual dining chain retained Deloitte CRG to serve as CRO and lead management and the board through a consensual restructuring with its senior lender. The Deloitte CRG team discovered liquidity was far lower than anyone understood and helped management identify stores for immediate closure. Now, the team is working to affect the sale of the company as a going concern via a court-supervised auction.
Specialty retailer
A $500 million retailer of innovative gifts, gadgets and specialty items, suffering from a continued softness in overall retail, further exacerbated by a weak holiday season, retained Deloitte CRG as its financial advisor. Deloitte CRG is actively working alongside management to facilitate a restructuring through thorough negotiations and interaction with the ad hoc bondholder group and senior lender with respect to refinancing and/or restructuring its bond and other debt.
Restaurant retailer
Deloitte CRG was engaged to provide litigation support to assess damages suffered by a restaurant retailer after the landlord of the lifestyle center where it operated violated an exclusive lease clause when they leased nearby space to a direct competitor.
Specialty merchandising company
A $150 million design, procurement and distribution firm retained Deloitte CRG as Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO). Deloitte CRG facilitated the sale of the company.
Building products distributor
A major distributor of wood products to the professional and DIY market retained Deloitte CRG to assess its cash flow forecasting and monitoring methodology and business operations. Deloitte CRG was engaged to make recommendations to improve the working capital liquidity to meet the growth in the home building and remodeling industry.
Tandy brands accessories, Inc.
Leading designer and marketer of branded accessories engaged John Little of Deloitte CRG as Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO). As interim CRO, John will evaluate capital structure alternatives, develop and execute liquidity improvement plan and profitability initiatives, as well as manage all stakeholder communications.
Mobile device accessory maker
A $100 million designer and marketer of high-end mobile device cases was facing a potential covenant breach on its revolving line of credit and sought to proactively address the issue with its lender to minimize the potential for precipitous action that might cause a liquidity crisis. Deloitte CRG helped craft a communication strategy vis-a- vis the lender, developed a robust and user- friendly cash forecasting model that management was able to seamlessly take over and advised on refinancing possibilities.

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Service Companies (Professional, Finance, Contracting)


Strategic lender
Deloitte CRG teamed with Deloitte's Business Valuation group on an engagement to analyze the underwriting of a proposed loan to an entity the lender would spin off in Q2, 2014 when concerns arose around the parameters. The Deloitte teams evaluated the transaction and provided the lender with observations and recommendations around the assumptions used to develop NewCo's financial projections, debt bearing capacity, financial ratios and projected credit metrics, as well as the terms and conditions of the proposed financing, including covenants, based upon a comparison with recent debt offerings by financial institutions or industry leading practices for loans of similar size, type, duration and credit exposure.
Community services company
Deloitte CRG serves as financial advisor to a $300MM community services company to assist in daily cash management, operational improvements and analyzing strategic alternative.
Mexico professional services firm
Deloitte CRG has been retained by a professional services firm in Mexico to develop a projection of their cash position and assistance in managing cash over the next year. In addition, Deloitte CRG has developed a revised monthly financial forecast and prepared a number of communications for this firm to use with their Board of Directors.
Marketing services company
Deloitte CRG is advising a $300MM promotional marketing services company through a refinancing of its debt. The company, a longtime commercial borrower, has entered a transitional period after the loss of a major customer and the delayed ramp-up of a new high-growth and high-margin business unit. Deloitte CRG is helping the company effect a refinancing into an ABL facility with its existing lenders that will provide a better fit with the company’s new risk profile.
Portfolio company
Deloitte CRG was retained by a portfolio company of a major private equity group to provide an analysis and recommendations for reporting metrics for the newly formed financial planning and analysis group.
Velti PLC
A leading mobile marketing and advertising company with global operations retained Deloitte CRG to serve as chief restructuring officer (CRO) and provide assistance with liquidity management and lender negotiations. Heavy investment in a region that subsequently suffered a major macroeconomic shock has put the company in default on its credit facility, causing a severe working capital crunch. Deloitte CRG is helping the company better understand its working capital position and closely manage its cash, as well as working with the management team and board on strategic alternatives.
Staffing company
The board of directors of a $200 million staffing business hired Deloitte CRG to provide an operational assessment and a review of potential optimization and repositioning initiatives.
Tecta America
Deloitte CRG was retained as CRO by the county's largest roofing contractor. Tecta is evaluating strategic alternatives for recapitalization of the business. Deloitte CRG is evaluating alternatives for cost reductions, surety bonding, debt structures and organizational enhancements that will promote EBITDA growth.
Commercial bank
The Special Assets group for a large commercial bank approached Deloitte CRG for assistance in tracing and finding assets of personal guarantors of a large non-performing commercial loan. Deloitte CRG solicited the services of the Business Intelligence Services practice at Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP, a team of highly trained investigators and intelligence specialists with extensive experience in due diligence, litigation support, fraud and other investigations, to assist with this project. The results of these findings will determine the next steps for the bank in satisfying repayment of the obligation and future litigation.
Mobile marketing company
A leading mobile marketing and advertising technology company with global operations has retained Deloitte CRG to provide guidance as it seeks to resolve a covenant default with its senior lender and address working capital issues triggered by rapid growth. Our ability to reach out to our colleagues abroad to put "boots on the ground" in the United Kingdom and European Union was a critical factor in the client's decision to work with us.
Finance and leasing company
Deloitte CRG recently supported the Deloitte Consulting practice on a cross- functional pitch to a large multi-national finance and leasing company to assist them with the redesign of their vendor finance operating model. Deloitte CRG provided on- point qualifications and leasing industry experience to the pitch process, which resulted in a win for the Deloitte team, with phase 1 work set to begin shortly.
Morris Brown college
Deloitte CRG was retained by Morris Brown College when they filed for Chapter 11 protection in August 2012. Deloitte CRG is advising Morris Brown in developing a plan of reorganization and negotiating with various stakeholders.

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National cellular company
A publicly traded, national cellular reseller and provider of custom billing and customer service engaged Deloitte CRG to assess liquidity and business plans to identify cost saving opportunities. Deloitte CRG identified several optional cost reductions plans, modeled future cash flows and worked with management, the Board of Directors and senior lenders to maximize value for all stakeholders and navigate the liquidity challenges.
Telecommunications company
An installer of fiber optic communications hired Deloitte CRG as an advisor in a severe liquidity crisis, caused by rapid growth. The company has successfully brought in additional investors and restructured their operations.
Telecommunications company
Deloitte CRG was engaged to advise the lender group for a multinational telecommunications company that had filed for bankruptcy protection and was seeking to sell its assets. Deloitte CRG assisted with an evaluation of the DIP loan and sale process.

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Travel, Hospitality & Leisure


Southwest cafeteria chain
Deloitte CRG was retained by the secured lender and equity to serve as financial advisor to a 60 unit cafeteria chain, based in the southeast. This engagement extends Deloitte CRG’s involvement, which began approximately 18 months prior in connection with evaluating the Company’s initial debtor-in-possession motion. Deloitte CRG is actively involved in managing liquidity, assessing cost reductions, drafting budgets for balance of 2014 and 2015 and analyzing potential business transactions.
International ship owning company
A shipping company that provides worldwide seaborne transportation services has retained Deloitte CRG to assist with various aspects of its restructuring efforts.
American Airlines
AMR Corporation, et al., parent holding company of American Airlines, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in November 2011, representing the second largest airline bankruptcy in U.S. history by asset value. AMR Corporation retained Deloitte CRG as a bankruptcy consultant to assist with pre- bankruptcy planning, first day motion preparation, cash management procedures, developing/operating a trade partner response center, contract disposition process and claims reconciliation.

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As used in this document, “Deloitte” means Deloitte LLP and its subsidiaries. Please see for a detailed description of the legal structure of Deloitte LLP and its subsidiaries. Certain services may not be available to attest clients under the rules and regulations of public accounting.