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  • Cracking the genetic code of high-performing manufacturers
    What enables high-performing manufacturers to excel consistently? How are they positioning themselves for the future?
  • 3D opportunity: Additive manufacturing paths to performance, innovation, and growth
    Additive manufacturing technology can break existing performance tradeoffs by reducing the capital needed to achieve scale and scope economies. Understanding how this can be done requires a review of how scale and scope economies shape certain product manufacturing and distribution decisions.
  • 2014 global automotive consumer study
    What factors influence preferences and choices of automotive consumers? How are globalization, sustainability, and technology affecting Gen Y and the auto industry? Learn more about our 5th Gen Y automotive consumer study.
  • From risk to resilience: Using analytics and visualization to reduce supply chain vulnerability
    Complex supply chains require sophisticated, connected tools to monitor risks, predict disruptions, and support rapid recovery as part of an overall resilience strategy. For leading companies, this line of thinking has led an increase in the adoption of advanced tools grounded in analytics and visualization.
  • High-performance manufacturers: What separates the best from the rest
    Three straightforward rules. Ten sets of important manufacturing capabilities. What can manufacturing executives learn from them about company competitiveness and performance?
  • The transformation of manufacturing
    Advanced materials and innovative production technologies are maturing. Digital manufacturing techniques are gaining adoption. Learn more about changes that are sweeping the world of manufacturing.
  • Asia Pacific economic outlook
    The December 2013 edition of the Asia Pacific Economic Outlook gives a near-term outlook for China, India, South Korea, and Taiwan.
  • Global economic outlook
    Deloitte Research’s Global Economic Outlook offers timely insights from Deloitte Research’s team of economists about the trends and events that are shaping the marketplace.
  • Location, learning, and logistics
    Business leaders who misjudge the location of production relative to the location of product and process development resources may adversely impact the company’s long-term competitive position.
  • Driving innovation: Advanced materials systems
    An advanced materials systems approach can help invigorate value creation by guiding companies beyond the frontier of inventing new molecules and materials into the realm of functional solutions as a new source of growth and innovation.
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