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  • Securitization accounting
    The ninth edition of this long-standing publication contains information about the most up-to-date accounting and securitization market developments.
  • Revenue Recognition – Operationalizing the proposed revenue recognition requirements
    Learn about some of the key considerations and challenges companies face while preparing to implement the potential new revenue standard, along with some effective first steps to consider as you begin to evaluate the implications for your organization.
  • Ready for the IPO spotlight?
    The market for initial public offerings (IPOs) can be volatile. Favorable conditions for taking a company public can vanish as quickly as they arise.
  • Tailoring U.S. GAAP for private company financial reporting
    This publication explores FAF's proposed private company standards improvement council and discusses the stakeholder's perspective.
  • Key factors shaping financial reporting
    Several financial reporting challenges and trends have emerged recently. Explore what they’ve taught us and what changes may be needed.
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