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  • Tech Trends 2014: Cognitive analytics
    Cognitive analytics offers a way to bridge the gap between big data and the reality of practical decision making.
  • Tech Trends 2014: In-memory revolution
    The sweet spot for in-memory technology is where massive amounts of data, complex operations, and business challenges demanding real-time support collide.
  • The IT performance management revival
    Companies are refocusing attention on the discipline of IT performance management to gain greater control over spending, enhance visibility into costs and improve their understanding of the impact of those costs on the business.
  • Intelligent automation: A new era of innovation
    Intelligent automation—the combination of artificial intelligence and automation— is already helping companies transcend conventional performance tradeoffs to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and quality. Applications range from the routine to the revolutionary: from collecting, analyzing, and making decisions about textual information to guiding autonomous vehicles and advanced robots.
  • The 2013 CIO Compass
    In this field guide to practical IT strategy and planning, gain insights, approaches, “tips” and recommendations to more effectively align your overall business and technology agendas and improve the delivery of IT services.
  • Real Analytics: Insights from Deloitte
    In this issue of Real Analytics: Insights from Deloitte, you will find an interactive infographic about the biggest data problems, our three-minute guide series on analytics and a video series tackling the latest analytics issues.
  • Analytics Answers -- Ready-made tools for targeted issues
    Questions about analytics? You’re not alone. At Deloitte, we’ve built a host of lightweight, challenge- and industry-focused analytics tools that are ready for deployment. Check out our Analytics Answers to learn more about these tools, and see what they can do for you.
  • We’re #branchingout!
    Big news…Banyan Branch, a cutting-edge social media and digital agency, officially joins Deloitte Digital.
  • Risk angles: Five questions on the evolution of cyber security
    This issue of Risk Angles discusses how an evolutionary approach to cyber security is key to staying ahead of cyber criminals — and the competition.
  • The internet of things
    Billions of interconnected sensors and devices will soon exchange data and enable new insights, greater efficiency, and new business models in dozens of industries. This Internet of Things will beckon companies to revise business models, integrate evolving technology, use analytics to create insight, manage security and privacy, and design new organizations.
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