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  • Tech Trends 2014: Cloud orchestration
    CIOs should be making deliberate investments in developing advanced integration and data management capabilities to support cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-core models.
  • Tech Trends 2014: Real-time DevOps
    Early adopters of real-time DevOps have the opportunity to profoundly impact their IT shop, accelerating IT delivery, improving quality, and better aligning with the business.
  • Creating effective performance testing plans
    When software designers, systems engineers and business leaders work closely with testing teams from the earliest stages of IT development projects, the likelihood that new applications will perform as expected can increase dramatically.
  • The 2013 CIO Compass
    In this field guide to practical IT strategy and planning, gain insights, approaches, “tips” and recommendations to more effectively align your overall business and technology agendas and improve the delivery of IT services.
  • We’re #branchingout!
    Big news…Banyan Branch, a cutting-edge social media and digital agency, officially joins Deloitte Digital.
  • ERP for IT: Ready for primetime?
    With no truly integrated suite of applications to integrate the ad-hoc processes, workarounds, and siloes that define many IT environments today, how can CIOs achieve uniformity, scale, and efficiency?
  • Deloitte named a leader in business technology transformation
    The Forrester Wave™: Business Technology Transformation, Q3 2012 report recognized Deloitte as a leader among business technology transformation services providers, based on criteria for the firm that can best help clients envision for and execute on their business transformation needs.
  • Deloitte ranked second in global marketshare for Business Analytics and Information Management
    Gartner’s Competitive Landscape report ranked Deloitte second based on aggregate member firm revenue forecasts in global Business Analytics and Information Management services providers.
  • Deloitte Digital
    Learn how we’re defining the future of digital.
  • Using Package Integration to Help a Large Global Conglomerate Act as One Company
    Learn how a consumer package goods company used package integration to reshape its many business units into a single organization – all in order to regain competitive advantage within its businesses. Read the case study.
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