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  • Evolution through dis-integration
    Learn how the future of the financial services industry will be shaped by dramatic changes in the value chain.
  • Is #Talentbrand a good idea?
    The corporate brand has been faithfully fed and watered for years, but now another image-maker—the talent brand—is clamoring for attention. Is social media the right place to nurture it? Or is that a venue better left untapped?
  • Is it time to stop feeding the performance management dinosaur?
    Traditional performance management—that familiar annual or semiannual review and rating process— is one of those organizational routines that many people love to hate. Has the time come to lay it to rest? Or does it still merit an ongoing commitment?
  • Public cloud adoption: Are integration concerns valid?
    Potential cost savings and increased agility are leading to an increase in the rate of public cloud adoption. Yet, some CIOs are resisting this trend, citing concerns over integration and security. Should these concerns be a barrier to adoption?
  • Social business report: Shifting out of first gear
    Explore the findings of the second annual global study, conducted in collaboration with MIT Sloan Management Review, to gain fresh insight into the social business landscape today and discover how some businesses are reaping value.
  • Dynamism and discontinuity: Eight trends in the business environment that will shape strategy
    The need for bold strategies to capitalize on the dynamism of our times has never been greater. In this European Business Review article, Deloitte outlines eight trends that are shaping the competitive futures of firms.
  • Winning in a downward market
    Deloitte recently conducted of the global coal market, which has significant ramifications for the way U.S. coal producers assess and allocate risk across their organization. Read the article to learn more.
  • HR Times – The HR Blog: Finding an authentic leadership voice
    Tom Morrison, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, shares his perspectives on the need for improved global leadership development.
  • Enterprise cost management: Save or grow?
    Should cost savings be used to drive growth or taken to the bottom line?
  • Human Capital Trends 2013
    This year’s theme, Crucial Conversations, explores seven critical human capital trends that leaders should be talking about today.
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