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  • The internet of things ecosystem: Unlocking the business value of connected devices
    Read about strategies ‒ for both enterprise adopters and Internet of Things providers ‒ to unlock the business value of connected devices.
  • From exponential technologies to exponential innovation
    Through a virtuous cycle—technological improvement enabling innovation, which in turn serves as a platform for further technological improvement and innovation—exponentially advancing digital technologies have led to exponentially accelerating innovation. The resulting marketplace disruptions make the environment increasingly difficult to navigate, but can also open the door to great opportunity.
  • The internet of things
    Billions of interconnected sensors and devices will soon exchange data and enable new insights, greater efficiency, and new business models in dozens of industries. This Internet of Things will beckon companies to revise business models, integrate evolving technology, use analytics to create insight, manage security and privacy, and design new organizations.
  • M2M and the Internet of things: Get ready for a crowded field of providers
    With rapid development in mobile and the availability, and affordability of sensors and other instrumentation, interest in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications is high, and the landscape of M2M providers is changing rapidly.
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