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  • Bridging the digital divide: How CMOs can rise to meet five expanding expectations
    It’s the CMO’s job to lead the dismantling of silos that separate web, call centers, mobile and in-store channels to create the consistent, personalized experience that today’s technology-empowered customers demand. This report from Deloitte and ExactTarget outlines expectations that today’s CMOs should meet as they build customer-centric organizations.
  • The interview: Bob Lurie, Director, Monitor Deloitte
    In an exclusive interview with, Lurie provides a historical deep-dive into the development of the CMO role. His observations include a parallel to how the CIO role came about (a rough start for both), why CMO tenure is so short, CMO know-how in a digital world ("traditional" channel experience remains very relevant), why the notion that CMOs will soon spend more than CIOs is misleading, and marketing's Holy Grail.
  • Moments of Impact: How to design strategic conversations that accelerate change
    Based on interviews with more than 100 executives, managers, practitioners, and thought leaders, Moments of Impact lays out a practical process for designing effective strategic conversations in any context.
  • Digital marketing and the mind of the CMO
    As adoption of digital media and devices surges, companies are investing billions of dollars in digital marketing. The rising importance of digital media, marketing, and commerce is elevating the importance of the chief marketing officer (CMO) as strategist, innovator, and buyer of advisory services and technology.
  • The rewired customer creates a conflicted CMO
    Christine Cutten, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP shares her perspective on how important it is for CMOs to embrace their “rewired” customers and change the way they deliver marketing to drive more growth and enhance their brand.
  • From mad man to superwoman
    Today’s CMO is smarter, wiser and—contrary to popular belief—enjoys a higher average tenure. But it hasn’t always been this way. What happened? Let’s take a short trip back in time and experience the evolution of this executive.
  • Social business report: Shifting out of first gear
    Explore the findings of the second annual global study, conducted in collaboration with MIT Sloan Management Review, to gain fresh insight into the social business landscape today and discover how some businesses are reaping value.
  • CMO confidential: What CMOs talk about behind closed doors
    Learn how today’s leading CMOs are leveraging emerging technologies—mobile, social and analytics—to help understand, engage and influence customers, employees and even leaders.
  • From mad man to superwoman
    Today's CMO is smarter, wiser and–contrary to popular belief–enjoys a higher average tenure. But it hasn't always been this way. What happened? Read the Deloitte Review article and take a short trip back in time and experience the evolution of this executive.
  • The price of pricing effectiveness
    Great companies do pricing very well and reap the rewards. For those that don’t, however, establishing or broadening these capabilities can be a complex, risky and sometimes costly investment that requires specific skills and commitment on the part of leadership. Research suggests measures that can reduce that risk and position a company more advantageously with regard to pricing as a strategic tool.
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