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  • Social brings passionate customers into the game
    Learn how a video game site uses opinion-based social interactions to foster a thriving community of online users.
  • The craft of incentive prize design: Lessons from the public sector
    Incentive prizes, deceptively simple in concept, are often challenging to construct in a way that drives the desired outputs and supports the desired outcomes. How can prize designers get it “right”?
  • The engagement economy: How gamification is reshaping business
    While elements of gamification - leaderboards, badges and levels - have appeared in a business context for years, recent technologies are driving increased interest and greater potential in this field. Read the Deloitte Review article.
  • Businesses use gaming principles in marketing
    USA Today | August 1, 2012
    In this article, Deloitte Consulting LLP principal Doug Palmer discusses the trend of gamification and its impact on small business, as well as ways to employ gamification tactics.
  • Business simulation
    Discover how simulations can benefit businesses.
  • Why simulations?
    Learn when and why businesses apply simulations.
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