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  • Tax operations evolution: Drivers, barriers and building blocks
    Continued globalization, growing demand for the effective use of resources, and an increasing emphasis on performance measurement are compelling business and tax executives to evolve their approach to tax operations.
  • Income tax systems and tax accounting services: Experience in tax and technology to help you operate efficiently
    Understand how your income tax provision and tax compliance processes, and related technologies help your tax department manage tax risk, increase efficiencies, and add value.
  • Tax data analytics: Gaining deeper insights
    Explore how using tax analytics, organizations can perform tax benchmarking, trend and data analysis, and predictive analysis to gain deeper insights into their tax processes and profiles.
  • Tax data management: Opening doors for innovative solutions
    Explore how emerging technology solutions offer effective new capabilities to forward-thinking tax departments.
  • Global Compliance and Reporting Services: Ready for a truly global approach to tax and accounting compliance and reporting?
    Learn about our scalable and flexible approach that addresses the tax issues of today’s multinational corporations with a single point of coordination for centralized global compliance management.
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