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  • The 2015 essential tax and wealth planning guide
    Managing wealth isn't about anticipating the next political skirmish anymore – it’s about careful multi-year planning and being informed of any changes on both the federal and state levels. Learn how you can make decisions about your long-term tax and wealth planning needs keeping in mind the current, more stable economic and political landscape.
  • Technology in the mid-market: Perspectives and priorities
    Responses to Deloitte's second annual mid-market technology survey point to increasing recognition of technology as a strategic imperative. Companies in this market segment are leveraging technology solutions to enhance business growth, provide a competitive advantage and help achieve enterprise success – while also addressing challenges that technology can present.
  • M&A Analytics: The three-minute guide
    According to a recent Deloitte LLP survey, advanced analytics is fast becoming a mainstay in the M&A tool kit, with almost 58 percent of organizations already using it in their M&A deal process and another 20 percent considering it. If your M&A process faces too much data and too little time or insight, it might be worth giving M&A analytics a look.
  • Latin America economic outlook
    Middle-market companies can explore growth potential that is largely driven by the emerging middle class in Latin America. The region has grown in importance for a variety of reasons, including fast economic growth, low inflation rates, accelerated investment and a stable governance system. Examine more about the opportunities and challenges for the economies of major countries of Latin America.
  • Middle Market M&A News: August 2014
    Middle market M&A activity showed signs of improvement in Q2 2014 with a large increase in deal value of 26.0 percent and a slight decline in volume of 3.1 percent compared to Q1 2014. Learn more.
  • Moving beyond marketing: Generating social business value across the enterprise
    What is so convincing about Social Business? The 2014 MIT Report and Deloitte Social Business study reveals the drivers of social business maturity and how mid-market and private companies can leverage social business techniques to go beyond marketing, spur innovation and drive business growth.
  • Digital consumers: Ever more mobile and connected
    Over one-third of U.S. consumers are Digital Omnivores – consumers who own a trio of tablets, smartphones and laptops. How are digital platforms and social media techniques being utilized by small and private companies to reach their end users? Discover more.
  • Business succession planning: Family dynamics and governance
    One of the challenges for family business owners in succession planning is to deal effectively with a myriad of business and financial issues while managing family dynamics. This fifth volume in our Business Succession Planning series focuses on family business governance structures that can help separate the "business of the family" from the "business of the business."
  • 3D printing: “Complexity is free” may be costly for some
    Additive manufacturing (AM) is likely to have an enormous impact on all our lives, but that doesn't mean it's going to be good for every business. What should mid-sized businesses consider in order to position themselves for success? Read more.
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