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  • Reassessing IP strategies in a disruptive age
    The twin currents of patent law change and accelerating technological transformation and disruption have made it essential for business leaders to master the dimensions of IP management through a contemporary lens.
  • Executive transitions: Dealing with the passed-over rival
    While Machiavelli suggests executing former princes and rivals, today we should avail ourselves of more civilized, and even cooperative, strategies. So how should you deal with a passed-over rival?
  • Fox Business Network interview, October 6, 2014
    Sandy Cockrell, national managing partner, U.S. CFO Program, Deloitte LLP, discusses the highlights from the Q3 2014 North American CFO Signals survey results.
  • Talent: Building the team you need now
    Knowing critical trade-offs and how to effectively gauge skills may help you better navigate.
  • Third quarter 2014 – CFO SignalsTM results
    This quarter’s findings appear to build on last quarter’s positive momentum and seem to make the strongest case yet for the sustained economic acceleration that has previously been so elusive.
  • Executive Transitions: The perils of the “rescue fantasy”
    While there are no fixed and simple answers to decisions pertaining to people, knowing critical tradeoffs and a process to engage them may help you better navigate these decisions.
  • Workplace redesign: Turning your environment into a productivity machine
    Why it’s important for companies to create a unified strategy across three workplace elements and how CFOs can foster the practices that achieve it.
  • Getting the right people in the right seats
    A few key questions can help you identify where you may have to replace key staff, reassign staff, or invest in training and coaching to upgrade their skills.
  • Compliance programs: What separates "good enough" from "great"?
    Explore the building blocks of a world-class program that not only protects an organization from internal and external threats, but also enhances its brand and strengthens its relationships with multiple stakeholders.
  • CFO Analytics video series
    Ajit Kambil, Global research director for the CFO Program discusses why so many CFOs are turning to business analytics. Watch the video series to learn the questions analytics can help CFOs to answer.
  • 2014 Q2 Global CFO Signals
    Little wonder that in many of the 11 country reports in this edition of Global CFO Signals, finance chiefs are reporting sustained optimism, a healthy risk appetite, and expansionary tactics.
  • Cybersecurity: Five essential truths
    Given the costs and the increasingly malicious nature of cyber attacks, CFOs are understandably focused on identifying potential cyber risks and planning their corporate responses.
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