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  • Recovering and reusing funds: Using analytics to accelerate funds recovery
    Many federal agencies are facing significant fiscal challenges. By leveraging technology and advanced data analytics, your agency can identify and quantify funds that could potentially be recovered for other uses.
  • Adding insight to finance
    Finance analytics can afford public organizations the means to improve transparency and transform their approach to decision making.
  • No more ugly data
    Constant advances in graphic, mobile and Web technology make it possible to translate ‘big data’ into meaningful, impactful visual interfaces.
  • Caught in the middle
    How government contractors—and other businesses—can use analytics to address improper payment risk across the value chain
  • Unlocking government
    How data transforms democracy.
  • Crunchy questions for sticky issues
    Learn more about how business analytics can deliver uncommon insights and breakout value. It all starts with asking crunchy questions - and ends with getting answers you can trust.
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