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  • Government and the impact economy
    A new generation of entrepreneurs, investors and nonprofit leaders is working to develop profitable and socially conscious business and investment models. This is the impact economy, a small but growing sector that seeks to put the achievement of social good at the center of business. Read the report.
  • Augmented Government: Transforming government services through augmented reality
    New research explores how augmented reality (AR) can be used to revolutionize and improve real-time and mobile government services.
  • Positive deviance in the public sector
    Harnessing ‘positive deviants’ to help solve vexing problems facing government.
  • ReThinking red tape: Influencing behaviors to achieve public outcomes
    Governments employ many policy levers to provide for the safety and welfare of citizens. Through taxes, subsidies, laws, and regulations, governments help shape the options available to us and the choices that we ultimately make.
  • The power of zoom: Transforming government through location intelligence
    The power of zoom represents an evolution in the way government sees and interacts with the world. When location data is coupled with existing government data and expertise, every point on the map can provide historical predictive perspective to inform complex policy decisions.
  • Public sector, disrupted: How disruptive innovation can help government achieve more for less
    Tap into the potential of disruptive innovation to help radically reduce public program costs without slashing services.
  • Social media in government: Tools to improve agency operations
    Rising interest in social networking has spurred the creation of a plethora of social media tools. It can be difficult to separate hype from real value and select the right tool for the job.
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