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  • The price of pricing effectiveness
    Great companies do pricing very well and reap the rewards. For those that don’t, however, establishing or broadening these capabilities can be a complex, risky and sometimes costly investment that requires specific skills and commitment on the part of leadership. Research suggests measures that can reduce that risk and position a company more advantageously with regard to pricing as a strategic tool.
  • Pulling ahead vs. catching up
    To pull away from the pack one needs to break performance trade-offs by getting better in several ways at once. The struggle for greatness, however, is far more complex and subtle. Prevailing over capable adversaries requires accepting and exploiting trade-offs and very often seeking an advantage in only a very small number of very carefully identified ways, while frequently accepting a performance disadvantage along other dimensions.
  • Growth through M&A
    Mergers and acquisitions can be a potent path to growth. Yet implementation complexities and the lure of immediate cost synergies often take precedence over formulating, isolating and tracking revenue metrics and growth efforts. Cost reduction goals can even conflict with revenue growth opportunities. An analysis of 100 deals with growth as the stated goal suggests a set of priorities that can produce better outcomes.
  • Talent Edge 2020: Redrafting talent strategies for the uneven recovery
    This January 2012 edition of Deloitte’s Talent edge 2020 survey series identifies important trends driving corporate talent strategies and how companies are responding to shifting economic realities.
  • Global business driven HR Transformation: The journey continues
    This vision identifies 18 distinct focus areas for companies that aim to respond more quickly and effectively to changes, expand their global footprints and increase revenues and margins.
  • Fortresses and footholds: Emerging market growth strategies, practices and outlook
    Deloitte Consulting LLP conducted a survey of 628 executives to understand where they perceived the greatest revenue opportunities in emerging markets, which growth strategies have proved most effective and the challenges companies face.
  • The persistence project
    No one really knows what makes great companies great. Here is a new way of thinking about the question.
  • The growth-profitability trade off: Method or myth?
    Every growth initiative comes with inherent risks. So is it even possible to pursue a growth agenda without sacrificing next quarter’s numbers?
  • Judgment sustained
    Befuddling human biases can cloud our judgment and turn good intentions into bad decisions — and organizations have everything to lose.
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