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  • Business Trends 2013
    Strategy & Operation's inaugural trends report takes a closer look at eight emerging forces that are influencing how organizations’ think about their strategy. Take this opportunity to energize your strategic planning activities by exploring new ways of thinking about some of today's business trends.
  • Big data and listening capabilities: Can they deliver strategic intelligence?
    Is there real value in investing more for next-generation capabilities?
  • Harnessing The Three Rules
    The three rules can guide business leaders in setting their agendas and making critical decisions despite the ambiguity and uncertainty in today’s environment.
  • Manufacturing beyond China
    Many factors are reducing China’s appeal for export-oriented manufacturers, and prompting companies to explore other production locations within Asia and beyond. Listen to our Dash Webcast to learn more.
  • Enterprise cost management: Save or grow?
    Should cost savings be used to drive growth or taken to the bottom line?
  • The balancing act: Applying analytics to gain a scale advantage
    Does analytics offer an advantage based on company size and the ability to scale, or is it just a new juggling act?
  • Put us to work: Responding to the new job creation imperative
    Traditionally, corporate leaders haven’t had to think about job creation as a core component of strategy. Jobs were an input to your operations, not an output on which your success would be measured. Pedro Arboleda and Steven Weber explain why the jobs game has changed and put forward concrete actions corporate leaders can take to deal with the new jobs creation imperative.
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