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  • U.S. regulatory capital: Basel III supplementary leverage ratio final rule
    Read this paper for a summary of and observations about the rules, noting that SLR will be a relevant backstop for advanced approaches banking institutions.
  • The U.S. liquidity coverage ratio final rule
    On September 3, 2014, the U.S. regulatory agencies issued a notice of final rulemaking for the minimum liquidity standard. Read more for highlights and Deloitte’s viewpoints.
  • From follower to leader: Innovation strategies in retail financial services
    How can banks go from followers to pioneers in an already crowded market? Is it simply about making products and services cheaper, or is it about making them better by creating more non-price value? Read our new Deloitte Center for Financial Services and Deloitte University Press study for more.
  • Digital disruption in wealth management
    Learn how the disruptive power of digital technologies business models is creating opportunities for new firms to make a big splash in the wealth management industry.
  • OTC derivatives – Collateral optimization: Build, buy, or outsource – How should buy-side firms decide?
    Read this paper for insights into how the new regulatory environment has pushed the industry to a watershed moment in deciding the choice of collateral to pledge.
  • Mobile financial services: Raising the bar on customer engagement
    How can financial services firms galvanize their efforts to increase mobile adoption, leverage mobile devices’ current capabilities, and proactively prepare for the future of mobile technologies? Read our Deloitte Center for Financial Services and Deloitte University Press study to learn more.
  • New business and operating models for derivatives: Adapting to and benefiting from shifting regulatory winds
    Read this paper as it provides insights into the potential business strategies institutions should follow in order to remain competitive in the current OTC derivatives market environment and outlines some of the key considerations to implement an operating model in support of superior returns.
  • The Volcker Rule compliance monitoring program
    This paper explores the compliance program requirements for the proprietary trading restriction component of the Volcker Rule, in particular for these medium-sized and larger banks where much work is required with not much time to do it.
  • The Volcker Rule:13 considerations for calculating and reporting quantitative measures
    This paper outlines considerations that institutions should take for calculating and reporting quantitative measures.
  • Implementing the updated 2013 COSO framework: Takeaways for banking and capital markets firms
    Read this paper for insights into the 2013 COSO framework and what they mean for banking and capital markets firms.
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