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  • Technology in the mid-market: Perspectives and priorities
    Responses to Deloitte's second annual mid-market technology survey point to increasing recognition of technology as a strategic imperative. Companies in this market segment are leveraging technology solutions to enhance business growth, provide a competitive advantage and help achieve enterprise success – while also addressing challenges that technology can present.
  • How to manage M&A-related software licensing costs and compliance risks
    M&A activity is on an upward trajectory. However, CIOs undertaking mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and joint ventures may be facing millions of dollars of unanticipated software expenses that often are unaccounted for in deal teams. Learn how to effectively manage M&A-related software licensing costs and compliance risks.
  • M&A Analytics: The three-minute guide
    According to a recent Deloitte LLP survey, advanced analytics is fast becoming a mainstay in the M&A tool kit, with almost 58 percent of organizations already using it in their M&A deal process and another 20 percent considering it. If your M&A process faces too much data and too little time or insight, it might be worth giving M&A analytics a look.
  • Middle market M&A news: August 2014
    Middle market M&A activity showed signs of improvement in Q2 2014 with a large increase in deal value of 26.0 percent and a slight decline in volume of 3.1 percent compared to Q1 2014. Learn more.
  • Debt capital markets news: August 2014
    Middle market loan volume shows a steady increase after a first slow quarter, while middle market acquisition activity remains restrained relative to historic levels. Institutional investors continue to move back into middle-market loans as institutional volume remains the main driver of the recent increase in total loan volume. Learn more.
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