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  • Deloitte Center for Financial Services
    Our insights and research aim to assist senior-level decision makers within banks, capital markets firms, mutual fund companies, private equity firms, hedge funds, insurance carriers and real estate organizations.
  • Center for Regulatory Strategies
    A powerful resource of information and insight on regulatory matters, including industry and regulatory specialists with expertise to help companies manage the complexity and convergence of rapidly increasing new regulation.
  • The Power of Pull
    We talk about “pulling” information through major search engines, or accessing movies and news items on demand. In truth, our ideas about pull are merely the tip of the iceberg. Learn more in the groundbreaking new book from Center for the Edge leadership.
  • Straight Talk on Cyber Success
    Tune into this Center for Federal Innovation video series to learn how government agencies can harness the power of information networks to enhance mission performance and improve customer support.
  • The Shift Index
    Brought to you by the Center for the Edge, this groundbreaking study reveals an erosion in corporate performance that suggests the current way of doing business is fundamentally broken.
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