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  • A look around the corner: What's ahead for life sciences and health care in 2015?
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  • 2014 U.S. Outlooks for Life Sciences, Providers & Health Plans
    Challenges, trends and strategies that may shape your business.
  • Health care reform: New insights and actions for CFOs
    Q&A with Deloitte leaders.
  • Consumer behavior over lab results: The power of lifestyle-based analytics
    View the archived webcast.
  • Round 2: How will 2015 HIX open enrollment play out?
    View the archived webcast.
  • Navigating the rapidly evolving social media landscape in health care
    View the archived webcast.
  • Life Sciences and Health Reform: No going back
    Tune into the latest episode of Deloitte Insights to learn more about the impact of health care reform on the life sciences industry.
  • In the news: Deloitte health
    Straight from the headlines.
  • Upcoming health care Dbriefs webcasts
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