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  • Tech Trends 2014: CIO as venture capitalist
    CIOs are borrowing from the playbooks of venture capitalists and reshaping how they run the business of IT.
  • How CIOs can influence corporate performance
    By focusing on simple, targeted initiatives that support the financial and operational metrics of utmost importance to the business, CIOs can lead their enterprises to improved performance and raise the profile of their IT organizations.
  • The dual roles of the CIO in the digital age
    The rapid adoption of digital technologies is putting new pressures on IT organizations. Today’s CIO must play a dual role: builder of technology and builder of the business.
  • CIOs take steps to increase business value of IT
    Three CIOs discuss the biggest challenges confronting their IT departments and what it takes to form a strong partnership with the business.
  • Evaluating IT: A CFO's perspective
    Having both a common language and robust governance in place can lay the groundwork for assessing current and future IT architectures.
  • The IT performance management revival
    Companies are refocusing attention on the discipline of IT performance management to gain greater control over spending, enhance visibility into costs and improve their understanding of the impact of those costs on the business.
  • Taking the reins as a CIO
    Proficiency in the foundational skills of running an IT department will only make for a good CIO. A great CIO possesses and applies capabilities that create value for the business.
  • Realising the promise of new technologies
    While technology investments in the financial services sector continue to surge, many institutions are still dependent on legacy operating systems ill-equipped to support or even allow the types of new product, service and operating models banks need to compete. Banks and other firms hoping to compete should consider their core IT infrastructure in order to take advantage of tech-driven innovation.
  • ERP for IT: Ready for primetime?
    With no truly integrated suite of applications to integrate the ad-hoc processes, workarounds, and siloes that define many IT environments today, how can CIOs achieve uniformity, scale, and efficiency?
  • The Power of Pull, second edition: How small moves, smartly made can set big things in motion
    Small moves, smartly made represents a new methodology for change initiatives. It’s built on the understanding that uncertainty is a core part of the business landscape. Learn more about the book.
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