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  • Human Capital Trends 2013
    This year’s theme, Crucial Conversations, explores seven critical human capital trends that leaders should be talking about today.
  • IMPACT 2014: The Business of Talent®
    IMPACT is a premier executive research conference for Human Resources, Talent and Learning executives and their teams. This multi-day conference typically attracts more than 400 industry innovators and it includes more than 30 leaders presenting on business results in more than 24 sessions.
  • High-impact talent analytics: Building a world-class measurement and talent analytics function
    Bersin by Deloitte research shows that companies with high-impact talent analytics realize improved financial, leadership and recruiting performance – but only 14 percent of organizations use advanced or predictive analytics to solve talent challenges. Learn more about how talent analytics – the ability to measure, monitor, analyze and improve your people practices – is critical to business success.
  • 2013 Study of Economic Assumptions
    This study compiled information disclosed by many of the Fortune 500 companies that sponsor pension or other postretirement benefits. The report discusses prevailing interest rates, measurement date, discount rate assumption, salary increase assumption, expected return assumption and health care cost trend rate assumptions.
  • Is it time to stop feeding the performance management dinosaur?
    Traditional performance management—that familiar annual or semiannual review and rating process— is one of those organizational routines that many people love to hate. Has the time come to lay it to rest? Or does it still merit an ongoing commitment?
  • Emerging market talent management: Trust tried and tested or explore new approaches?
    Can established global enterprises continue the talent management practices that have contributed to their success through the years, or is it time to consider new approaches?
  • Courting the candidate-customer: The unlikely art of attraction
    Brand-conscious companies are beginning to interact with potential employees with the same care they would give to their customers. They are redefining the talent acquisition experience by making sure their candidate-customers both gain tangible value from the interview process, and have the capabilities to navigate and succeed within the organization should they be offered a position.
  • The open talent economy
    Welcome to the open talent economy—a new era in talent management. This collaborative, transparent, technology-enabled, rapid-cycle way of doing business has changed the talent landscape. Take in the new vista in this new report.
  • Our take: Adopting analytics in HR
    Leaders need more than basic employee reports and peer benchmark data to align the enterprise’s human capital with the business strategy. Workforce analytics bridges the gap, providing the practical insight—and foresight—the HR function needs to fulfill corporate objectives.
  • Deloitte named a Kennedy Vanguard leader in human capital strategy
    Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL) is pleased to announce that Deloitte has been named a global Kennedy Vanguard leader in human capital strategy consulting services, based on breadth and depth of capabilities, in Kennedy’s Human Capital Strategy Consulting report.
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