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  • Technology in the mid-market: Perspectives and priorities
    Responses to Deloitte's second annual mid-market technology survey point to increasing recognition of technology as a strategic imperative. Companies in this market segment are leveraging technology solutions to enhance business growth, provide a competitive advantage and help achieve enterprise success – while also addressing challenges that technology can present.
  • M&A trends in life sciences and health care: Growth at the global intersection of change
    Companies are expanding into new markets in search for growth, driven by shrinking pipelines, regulatory scrutiny, patent expirations and competition from generic manufacturers. In fact, 70 percent of companies in the life sciences and health care industry anticipate M&A activity in the next three years. What are the strongest motivators for M&A?
  • Global economic outlook Q4 2014
    The global economy continues to show few signs of strength amid several signs of weakness. In a nutshell the outlook seems modest at best. The greatest strength appears to be in the US economy, which finally is showing a sustainable and health growth path; meanwhile big emerging markets like the Eurozone, Asian and South American economies are mostly struggling to recover from a series of troubles - some self-inflicted, that may have caused a marked slowdown in growth. Learn more.
  • Mid-market growth series
    Our growth series for mid-market companies focuses on different issues related to this important topic — types of growth, methods and considerations, assessment of risks and more. These articles can help you understand how to evaluate both the challenges and opportunities associated with growing your company. View our series.
  • Investing in Latin America: Packaging executives share insights, opportunities and challenges
    Middle Market companies are attracted to the growth potential that is largely driven by the emerging middle class in Latin America, who are becoming the larger consumers of prepared foods, personal care goods and electronics. Discover more about the considerations to be made for investing in Latin America.
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