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  • Companies are failing to detect financial fraud in supply chains
    Read the Forbes article.
  • Wizards and trolls: Accelerating technologies, patent reform, and the new era of IP
    Read the DU Press article.
  • Mid-Market Perspectives: 2014 report on America’s economic engine
    Survey shows America’s economic engine is picking up steam. Read the report.
  • Deloitte Discovery case studies
    Real problems, real solutions.
  • FAS newsletter hub
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  • Data Synthesis in fraud detection and prevention for telecommunications service providers
    Find out how data synthesis approach can strengthen fraud reduction and prevention efforts and potentially predict areas of vulnerability.
  • Transforming cybersecurity: New approaches for an evolving threat landscape
    This report offers Insights on how to prevent, detect, respond to, and recover from the potential damages from cyber attacks.
  • Middle market M&A news: March 2014
    Explore the current state and outlook for the U.S. merger and acquisition market.
  • Prevention measures to help counter e-commerce fraud
    Read the Risk & Compliance Journal article.
  • 2014 Industry Outlook
    Challenges, trends and strategies that may shape your business this year.
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