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  • Acceleration of the connected experience – Vehicle connectivity and evolving customer expectations
    Know how automotive OEMs and dealers can use vehicle connectivity to improve customer experience through the use of connected technologies.
  • The internet of things ecosystem: Unlocking the business value of connected devices
    Read about strategies ‒ to both enterprise adopters and IoT providers ‒ to unlock the business value of connected devices.
  • Overcoming speed bumps on the road to telematics
    Behavior-based telematics is disrupting the auto insurance market, challenging non-participating carriers to follow the lead of early adopters or look for new ways to level the playing field.
  • Rising tide: New growth opportunities in mobile (video)
    What’s driving the next phase of mobile technology growth, and who is set to capitalize on it?
  • Digital age transportation: The future of urban mobility
    The average commuter spends hours stuck in traffic every year, creating considerable personal and societal costs. A new Deloitte Research report, published by Deloitte University Press, illuminates how technological change and innovation, coupled with new transportation capacity, can help reduce global gridlock.
  • The rise of safety innovations in intelligent mobility
    The pursuit of vehicle safety is a key driver in the emergence of a new stage of intelligent transportation systems.
  • Insurance Tech Trends 2013
    Mobile computing has undeniably changed the way we shop, consume media, and stay socially connected. Learn more about the way mobile is changing the game in auto insurance by exploring the Insurance Tech Trends 2013 report.
  • State of the Media Democracy: A multi-generational view of consumer technology, media and telecom trends
    What percentage of the U.S. population is now a digital omnivore (own laptop, smartphone, and tablet)? Explore how consumers are evolving within the changing landscape of device ownership and utilization, subscription services, advertising platforms, mobile implications and social networking adoption.
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