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  • 2013 global manufacturing competitiveness index
    Examine the complex forces driving the future of manufacturing and many of the structural changes reshaping the global economy.
  • Scaling edges: A pragmatic pathway to broad internal change
    Explore a framework that can help executives maximize upside potential and minimize the investment required for major change initiatives.
  • Cloud computing: A roadmap for cross organizational cloud adoption
    Watch this presentation by Chris Weitz, director and Cloud Computing leader, Technology Strategy and Architecture, Deloitte Consulting LLP.
  • Talent 2020: Surveying the talent paradox from an employee perspective
    Employers need to focus on developing leaders who can advance their companies amidst continuing global economic turbulence.
  • Emerging market growth strategies for mid-market chemical companies
    Learn how specialty chemical companies can effectively pursue emerging market growth opportunities.
  • Corporate Development 2012: Leveraging the power of relationships
    Joining forces with another company to break into a new market may be one of the most challenging — and rewarding — forms of deal-making.
  • Three keys to M&A effectiveness for aerospace and defense (A&D) executives
    A variety of factors – including pent-up demand and available capital – suggest that the recent uptick M&A activity is the beginning of a boom for the A&D industry.
  • Headwinds, tailwinds and the riddles of demographics
    Multinational companies can use shifting populations to their advantage by allowing abundance in one location to offset scarcity in another.
  • Is your corporate footprint stuck in the mud?
    Internationalization is starting to give way to true globalization as organizations search for new markets, resources, talent pools and cost advantages.
  • Global business driven human resources (HR) transformation: The journey continues
    Learn how companies can respond more quickly and effectively to changes, expand their global footprints and increase revenues and margins.
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