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  • 3D opportunity for end-use products: Additive Manufacturing (AM) builds a better future
    As technology improves, product manufacturers are increasingly using AM to improve product design and performance. The advantage – increased geometric complexity, reduced system level complexity, enhanced individual-level customization and increased performance. Learn more about the benefits of AM.
  • Four steps to a data business
    There are huge organizational implications of being a data business in the data economy for every key role in the company. If your company hasn't already had extensive discussions about its potential role in the data economy, you risk being left behind. You should already be embarking on four key steps to get to a viable position in the data economy. Learn more.
  • Why the "old" brain struggles with big data
    Do the fears around big data stem from purely hypothetical situations? From social media to search-engine ads to hiring to transportation, big data is spreading like a great umbrella over virtually every aspect of our lives. At its best, big data serves as a tool that can enhance our lives in innumerable ways – in ways we haven't even yet considered. Learn more.
  • M&A Analytics: The three-minute guide
    According to a recent Deloitte LLP survey, advanced analytics is fast becoming a mainstay in the M&A tool kit, with almost 58 percent of organizations already using it in their M&A deal process and another 20 percent considering it. If your M&A process faces too much data and too little time or insight, it might be worth giving M&A analytics a look.
  • Ten types of analytical innovation
    Ten types of innovation can be driven, supported or measured with analytics. If you're not using analytics for all ten types, you may not be optimizing your analytical capabilities. Learn more about all the ten innovations.
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