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  • A corporate governance breakdown: Exposing companies to greater risk of fraud and corruption
    Internal auditors play a vital role in reducing the risk of fraud, corruption and other corporate wrongdoing. Yet, according to Deloitte’s new analysis of member survey data from The Institute of Internal Auditors ("IIA"), 62 percent or more of internal audit ("IA") functions at public companies globally do not comply with all of the IIA's International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing.
  • Forensic data collection in GCC countries: Navigating local laws and business practices
    Performing forensic data collection appropriately can be a sophisticated task. Now try doing it thousands of miles away, in Arabic. Oh, and the general manager of your local business unit may not be entirely above suspicion. Are you ready for forensic data collection in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states?
  • Using analytics in banks: Smarter continuous monitoring
    The article discusses how contemporary data analytics can help banks enhance their continuous monitoring to help detect potential wrongdoing more quickly and efficiently, providing greater ability to take remedial action before whistleblowers and regulators spring into action. The article sets out four recommended actions.
  • Visual analytics: Revealing corruption, fraud, waste and abuse
    Learn why entities should equip their personnel with visual analytics tools and techniques to meet the growing challenge of reducing corruption, fraud, waste and abuse.
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