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  • Supply chain resilience: A risk intelligent approach to managing global supply chains
    This article provides a framework for identifying and analyzing all forms of supply chain risk. It describes the key pillars of a resilient supply chain – visibility, flexibility, collaboration and control – and offers a five-step approach that can help companies make their supply chains more resilient.
  • Five questions about applying analytics to risk management
    Five questions risk leaders frequently ask today about how best to apply an analytics approach to the job of risk management.
  • Cyber threats and the role of governance
    Learn ways executives and boards can take preemptive steps to address risk while enhancing existing security practices so they better leverage cyber intelligence.
  • The Risk Intelligent CCO: Champion of Risk Intelligent compliance
    Demanding regulatory environments require effective compliance risk management. A Risk Intelligent Chief Compliance Officer can help make compliance the smart investment that it should be.
  • Reining in project risk: Predictive project analytics
    Learn why many companies are taking advantage of predictive project analytics (PPA) to mitigate delivery risks and improve overall project performance.
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