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  • Assessing the Impact of U.S. Financial Regulatory Reform
    Examine seven potential implications of the financial reform legislation nearing passage in Congress.
  • SIFMA Systemic Risk Information Study
    Understanding and managing systemic risk will be a key challenge for regulators and financial firms. This study examines what's needed to implement an effective systemic risk regulatory regime.
  • Winning in the New Risk Environment
    This point of view outlines why large financial institutions need to consider adopting an enterprise-wide view of data across and within legal entities, business units, locations, and product lines.
  • Machines and Mortals: When It Happens Again...Surviving the Next Banking Crisis
    The banks that emerge stronger from the next crisis will likely be those that have the best ability to anticipate and respond to adversity. This paper outlines considerations for improving a bank's analytical and information systems (the "machine") and addressing the human component to managing risk (the "mortals").
  • Regulatory Reform on the Horizon: Banking and Securities Outlook
    In its 2010 Outlook, the Deloitte Center for Banking Solutions noted that legislation will likely be proposed to impose new systemic risk procedures, create a new consumer protection agency, and to streamline regulatory agencies and procedures. Don Ogilvie, the Center's independent chairman, has reviewed the Dodd bill in detail and shares insights on it.
  • Bank Governance: Preparing for Greater Scrutiny & Oversight
    How financial institutions can better define risk governance goals, responsibilities and the scope of their board committees.
  • Banking and Securities Outlook 2010
    This article outlines five major trends that will dominate the industry in 2010.
  • Financial Foresight - Managing Risk Among Financial Intermediaries
    Learn how leading organizations are creating risk management programs that align controls with oversight functions.
  • The New Financial Services Marketplace: Towards a Safer and Sounder System
    This point of view analyzes some of the perceived challenges facing the financial system, and discuss the impediments involved in addressing them.
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